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Twenty-two Foot Waves on the Costa Grande

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 20 May, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 20 May) A fast and rising tide caused three waves of over 22 feet in the Boca Chica beach, north and west of Acapulco, near Tecpan, on the Costa Grande. The waves damages restaurants and other businesses located there, sweeping merchandise and supplies out to sea. The waves came around 4 in the afternoon. They carried off coolers, drinks, food, chairs and tables. One nearby resident said that “the phenomenon comes every year, but this time it really surprised us. We were not ready for it. The waves carried everything off.” Last month, waves of approximately 16 feet were experienced along the same beach front. The “Equatorial Marine Countercurrent” is the technical name for the sudden invasion of the sea onto the shore, and is a common phenomenon in the Spring. Last month a wave surprised Acapulco, causing water to rise all the way to the Costera Alemán in the Golden Zone.

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