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Tomorrow, Drug Tests for all State Employees

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 18 May, 2011

(Chilpancingo, AN 18 May) Governor Aguirre has announced that tomorrow, May 19, all state employees will be administered drug tests. While announcing the beginning of free, wireless Internet service in the Zócalo, the governor insisted in his call upon warring drug groups to end the violence. One method to assist in this effort is to be certain that no one on the public payroll is a user of drugs. He asked that the press cooperate in both the drug testing initiative and in the general call for an end to violence, hoping that the media would contribute to a “more harmonious climate.”

The governor did not elaborate about what consequences, if any, would flow from an employee’s refusal to take the drug test, or in the event that a person flunked it.

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