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Driving Lessons for City Bus Drivers

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 08 February, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 8 February) In a move that will surely cause joy among the bus-riding public, the Secretary of Public Safety of Acapulco will be giving driving lessons to city bus drivers as part of the licensing process. At the start of the program, all employees of the several bus companies will undergo an evaluation of driving skills and knowledge of the rules of the road. Many drivers of automobiles in Acapulco will tell you that bus drivers are not only ignorant of the rules, but they are just plain rude. Bus company managers have promised to improve the level of service they provide. One measure is to get rid of the informal, "assistant drivers" (called "chalanes"), who are usually friends of the employed driver. The unofficial "assistant" gets to try his hand at the wheel on the route, just to see how it feels, without any concern for traffic safety or passenger comfort. Excessive speed and sharp braking are the usual results. This has caused so many complaints from the public that company management has promised to crack down on the illegal practice. They have also agreed to send their drivers to the driveer training course, to require them to take eye exams, and to have their license on their person before being allowed to start the bus. Another infraction to be corrected is the absence of vehicle documentation on the bus.

The public safety director warned company managers that the periodic roadblocks to check buses and their drivers will continue as a permanent part of the routine for law enforcement. One issue is the willingness of drivers to pick up passengers or drop them off at any point along the route, and not just at the designated stops. The problem is that the transit police let just about anyone park in the bus stop areas, so the buses cannot really use them. The city responded that from now on, transit police will keep the bus stop areas clear of commercial and private vehicles. They would also do well to enforce rules against double parking.

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