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CAPAMA Abandons Another Repair

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 06 December, 2010

(Acapulco, NA 6 December) Diego Hurtado de Mendoza Street is right in Acapulco’s downtown area, where the Central Market is located. Part of it is the elevated road that connects to the road leading out of town towards Pie de la Cuesta. Several weeks ago, a drain pipe had collapsed under this street, and CAPAMA was called in to make repairs. Last week, they arrived. Workmen have dug up the street, exposing the broken drain, but then the project suddenly stopped. CAPAMA abandoned the work zone, leaving the torn up street and the fetid sewer exposed. Locals say it is intolerable to be in the area. Many shops on the street have closed until something can be done about the stench. One lane is completely out of operation, which causes horrible traffic jams during rush hours.

CAPAMA is reported to have informed complaining citizens that the work will not be continued until the first weeks of next year, as workmen will not be available due to year-end vacations. Local citizens have vowed to close the open sewer themselves if CAPAMA does not return within the week, as they cannot tolerate the smell any longer.

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