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Mexican Flight Attendants Picked Up With Cocaine

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 10 December, 2010

(Madrid, AN 10 December) Spanish police arrested three male flight attendants of Aeromexico for transporting in their luggage 300 pounds of cocaine, destined for European markets. The flight arrived December 7, Tuesday, in Madrid. Suspicions were aroused when it was noticed that the three flight attendants carried identical luggage. Normally crew luggage is not inspected in international airports. The three were questioned, arrested and placed at the disposal of the judicial authorities.

A spokesman for the airline said that the three were not in service on the flight, but were traveling as tourists, with revenue tickets. They were, however, in uniform and used official identification. They have been suspended pending further investigation. Aeromexico’s statement “deeply regrets” the incident and indicates “the company’s commitment to comply fully with the law and to cooperate with the applicable authorities.”

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