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Candidates' Forum Nets Only One Politician

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 01 December, 2010

(Acapulco, ESu 1 December) Seventeen of Acapulco's civic and business organizations put together a forum for the candidates in the governor's race, calling it "The Citizens' Democratic Meeting for Guerrero." They invited the three major campaigns to participate in the event, which took place yesterday in the Faro room of the Elcano Hotel. Neither Ángel Aguirre nor Manuel Añorve Baños showed up. Only Marcos Efrén Parra Gómez, the PAN candidate, attended. Of the more than 100 chairs set up for the audience, only about 20 were occupied. Karla Garibo of the Asociación Civil Acapulco (known as Grupo ACA) read the several proposals made by the civic associations to those running for the state's top office. Issues raised included the creation of a unified police force, better protection for the transport of goods on the roadways, and specific programs for youth, health and basic education. The business groups called for more training in the schools that would be relevant to the tourism industry and the creation of a Research and Technological Development Center. The groups also pointed to several areas in which the government could simplify bureaucracies that regulate local businesses, especially the Secretary of Tourism Development.

Event organizers said that the event accomplished its purpose because the proposals were formally placed before the politicians, even though two of them were unable to find time for the business and civic groups in their campaign schedules.

After the formal presentation of proposals, Marcos Parra was asked by the press about the accusation by the PRI that the PRD was threatening violence on election day to suppress the vote. The PAN candidate responded that if the PRI had evidence of that, they needed to present it publicly. If they have such evidence and withhold it, they become complicit in the scheme. "Or they could just be lying," he added.

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