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Mexico’s Population Tops 112 Million

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 26 November, 2010

(Mexico, AN 26 November) The Mexican Census Bureau (called the “National Institute for Statistics and Geography” or INEGI) has announced preliminary results from its June, 2010 census of the population. Detailed and definitive results will be made public in about three more months. According to INEGI, on June 12, 2010 a total of 112,322,757 persons were resident in Mexico. This puts Mexico in 11th place among the most populous countries of the world, just behind Japan and Russia. (China, in first position, is said to have 1.354 billion inhabitants.)

Of the total, women slightly outnumber the men. For every 100 women, there are 95.5 men. The cost of the census, according to INEGI, was $5,450,713,905 pesos (around $450 million USD), implying an expenditure of $48.67 pesos per person, or about 10% of the expenditures made by politicians for each vote in an election. This year’s census realized savings of 30% over the 1990 survey of the population, and of 19% over the 2000 effort. The efficiency is said to come from the increased use of electronic counting methods and improved survey techniques. Overall, 190,000 temporary census workers were employed to cover all of the 2,456 of the country’s municipal subdivisions (counties).

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