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Bicentennial Bridge Relieves Traffic

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 24 November, 2010

(Acapulco, NA 24 November) When the bicentennial overpass opened officially on November 20, traffic began to run more smoothly along Cuauhtémoc between the Maxi-Tunnel and Parque Papagayo. The mere cessation of construction created a great sense of relief for regular visitors to that part of town. To have the overpass ready for the opening, construction crews worked around the clock during the weeks beforehand. Nevertheless, a few details still await installation. The medians still need to be painted and landscaped. More importantly, traffic lights are missing at intersections where on-ramps and off-ramps have been built. Speed limit signs still need to be posted.

At the intersection of the overpass with Universidad, headed towards Diana or the Costera, the lack of traffic control is creating traffic jams and potential for accidents, as drivers from several directions jockey for an opening to cross. Lack of traffic control is also noticeable in Las Anclas (where traffic coming up from the Costera meets with Cuauhtémoc). Outbound city buses and colectivos swarm and double park there as they always have, stopping traffic in several directions and snarling the intersection. Because they do not care what happens to traffic, policemen need to be posted nearly full time at that location.

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