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Suspect Named in Murder of Canadian National

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 23 November, 2010

(Acapulco, NA 23 November) Last Saturday, a trial judge of the criminal court in the Bravos judicial district issued an order of house arrest, for 20 days, of the ex-convict Héctor Juan Figueroa Arraiga, who was detained and charged for the homicide and robbery of Daniel Allan Dión, a Canadian national who disappeared in Acapulco on October 23 and was later found dead in the trunk of the rental car he was using.

The accused was a friend of the deceased, who sold merchandise made in prisons from recyclable materials as part of a rehabilitation program. They met in prison. The accused, who was incarcerated for homicide, was released in October of 2007. The order of house arrest is to secure the whereabouts of the accused, pending the results of DNA tests.

Allan Dión and Figueroa Arriaga met on the night before Dión’s disappearance and drank heavily. A dispute ensued. Investigators for the District Attorney’s office allege that Figueroa Arraiga then attacked Dión, killing him, and taking a sum in excess of US$5,000 from him. The accused then drove the corpse to Tlacotepec and set fire to the body. The auto was found there on October 30. The victim had come to Acapulco to participate in a convention of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

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