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Miss Canada: Acapulco Is Safe and Beautiful

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 23 November, 2010

(Acapulco, NA 23 November) Helena Semikina, winner of the Miss Universe-Canada contest in 2010, visited Acapulco last week and promised to spread the word back home that the resort city is “very safe and very beautiful.” She added that she fell in love with Acapulco and wants to return soon.

In her protocol visit to the city government, where she was received by General Secretary Vicente Trujillo Sandoval, Miss Canada said that ever since her arrival last Friday she was pleased to have visited so many charming parts of the town, from Boca Chica off Caleta, to Las Brisas, where she was able to view the Diego Rivera mural. She added that Acapulco is the number one tourist destination in Mexico for tourists, “the first one that I have gotten to know, a wonderful visit.”

When asked what the opinion in Canada was of Acapulco after the streak of violence, she answered, “my friends and acquaintances who come to Acapulco usually return because they are delighted by the scenery and the ocean, and most of all by the warmth of the people.” “Promoting Acapulco in Canada, she said, “is really very easy: I will share my feelings, my emotions and my experiences, and tell them how safe and beautiful it is.”

Miss Semikina was crowned Miss Canada on June 14 of this year. She is 26 years old and holds a degree in finance. She is 6 feet tall. The beauty queen is of Russian extraction, and added that Acapulco shares with her country the richness of a mixture of people from all over the world.

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