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Acapulco Draws Tourists for Revolution Centennial

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 14 November, 2010

(Acapulco, NA 13 November) Echoing the sentiment of many tourists from other parts of Mexico, visitors recounted to Novedades Acapulco yesterday that “Acapulco is a beautiful port with its beaches, its climate and its people; acts of violence do not obscure that.” This long weekend extends into part of Tuesday because Monday is a holiday to honor the 100th anniversary of the declaration of the Mexican Revolution in 1910. The actual day is November 20, but by a federal law the holiday was transferred to the previous Monday. The visitors seem to understand that the violence that has beset the city has been restricted, by and large, to the less affluent communities around Acapulco, and has not penetrated the tourist zones. Tourists interviewed by the press say they feel secure and safe on the many beaches of the bay city.

Today the beaches are crowded with thousands of tourists enjoying the sun and warm weather. The recent cold snap in Mexico City and other upland areas has helped to attract visitors to the warmth and sun of Acapulco. Many come for the charm of the beaches, with the desire to rest and relax, more than to engage in patriotic festivities. Nevertheless, fireworks, parties and other patriotic festivities are planned for Sunday and Monday along the shoreline.

Dozens of large excursion buses are parked along the streets around Caleta, Parque Papagayo and “El Morro” near Diana and La Condesa. One full lane of the Costera has been dedicated to such parking, causing traffic to move slowly along the Costera Alemán in the tourist areas, but no one seems to be much bothered by it.

Traditional areas of tourism, such as the point where cliff divers plunge into the sea at La Quebrada and the docks where excursion boats take visitors on moonlight cruises of the bay, are brimming with activity on this, one of Acapulco’s busiest tourist seasons of the year. Even though advance hotel reservations had reached only 55% occupancy in Acapulco before the long weekend, the hotels appear to have filled up satisfactorily with guests who arrive without making plans ahead of time.

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