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CFE Finds “Anomalies” in Acapulco Meters

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 30 October, 2010

(Acapulco, AN 30 October) One week into the public utility’s inspection campaign of electric meters in the tourist areas of Acapulco, about half of the target units have been reviewed. Of the 1,354 meters examined, 48 displayed “anomalies.” In most cases the meters had been modified to register little or no flow. Spokesman for CFE, Raúl Gómez Cárdenas, said, “Once we put these meters back in order we will recover 10 million pesos in un-invoiced electricity each year.” The meters were mainly high- and medium-tension meters, serving businesses along the Costera and representing 55% of the total to be examined in the campaign. The inspectors made their rounds in the company of police and legal advisors. The spokesman said that the personnel did not meet any resistance.

Some criticized CFE for worrying about inaccuracies in less than 5% of its meters, when clandestine, unmetered, “pirate” energy is so rampant. Gómez Cárdenas responded that the CFE is not ignoring the problem; however the remedy involves an investment of tens of millions of dollars. This investment is being made, over three years, to accomplish projects like armor-plating all low tension lines to prevent clandestine splices. Another is to provide formal service to 23 neighborhoods described as “irregular,” meaning the only way they can obtain electricity is to steal it, as public utilities do not yet extend to them.

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