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In Guerrero 42% Go Hungry – Food Bank

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 18 October, 2010

According to the non-profit “Guerrero against Hunger,” 42 percent of the inhabitants of the State of Guerrero do not have enough food to sustain them. This entity operates food banks in the poorest areas of the state. “The overwhelming majority lives in the mountain areas and in the poor outlying suburbs of Acapulco,” said Graciela Noazri, the director of the organization. She is calling upon citizens and local governments to contribute as much as 30 tons of emergency food aid for the 60 municipalities in the state that so desperately need it. Inadequate nutrition is the principal cause of infant mortality in Guerrero. The number one killer of adults is diabetes, which comes as a result of a life-long diet with very little protein and enormous quantities of starches - like rice and corn tortillas - and sugars, which come from the modern kids' diet of soft drinks, junk food and sweets.

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