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More US and Canada Flights to Zihua-Ixtapa

Real Acapulco News - 15 October, 2010

Several airlines have confirmed their schedules to operate flights to Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa this winter season. Airport director Jorge Morales Gómez Tagle noted that Frontier Airlines, which had withdrawn previously, took the decision to return this season with a flight from Denver, and is currently promoting the flight in ads in the United States. West Jet, out of Calgary, plans two arrivals per week. Delta will arrive once per week from Minneapolis, and American will be arriving weekly from its Dallas hub. Gómez also mentioned the arrival of several large charters of 300 or more passengers, from Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver. “This means that the air traffic will have returned more or less to the level attained in the 2009-2009 season,” he said.

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