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Diego Rivera Honored with Acapulco Tourist Route

By: Patrick Ellis | Real Acapulco News - 07 January, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 7 January) On the hill high above Caleta and Caletilla, looking out towards the Pacific Ocean in the Las Playas section of Acapulco, lies the windy thoroughfare called “Avenida Inalabrica.” Here, More than 50 years ago, famed Mexican artist and muralist, Diego Rivera lived and died. The street will now be renamed “Diego Rivera Cultural Tourism Route” according to a proposal of the Tourism Committee of the national Congress. Initially, 1.5 million pesos of federal money will be invested in preparing the route and especially the Diego Rivera house for the arrival of “cultural tourists.” Most will be spent in sprucing up the exterior wall where the work of the famed muralist is on perpetual public display.

The concept of “cultural tourism” is to provide an alternative to sun worship, thus attracting tourists more steadily throughout the year and not just at vacation times. The concept was implemented in Taxco and several other places nearer the national capital, and it seems to have generated additional visitors to the sites. The sponsor of the measure, Rep. Alvarado Arroyo, says that it goes hand in hand with his proposal to rescue and renovate Acapulco’s historic downtown area.

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