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Sea Tortoise Eggs Collected for Protection

By: Staff | Real Acapulco News - 04 January, 2011

(Acapulco, AN 4 January) The State Public Safety Department reports that in the first two days of 2011, members of the Tourist Police gathered 8 nests of Golfina sea turtle eggs at Acapulco beaches. Of the 763 eggs thus found, many were taken to the Naval Base, where they will be protected until hatching. Eggs located in the Diamond Zone were taken to a special incubation facility at Playa Hermosa, which dedicates itself full time to the protection of the sea tortoises. The sea tortoise is an endangered species because of the persistent use of illegal fishing techniques, where the turtles are caught in the nets and drown. Another cause is that poachers steal the eggs in the ignorant and mistaken belief that they have miraculous properties for restoring youth and sexual powers.

When the sea turtles are old enough to be released into the sea, the hatcheries usually invite school children to come and help with the ceremony. Not only does this raise consciousness about the endangered species, it helps the hatchlings survive. Their instinctive march from the beach nests to the sea waters is probably their most dangerous time of life, as they are easy prey for predatory birds, which circle overhead. The presence of the school children keeps the birds at a distance.

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