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Movie Theaters

Without question, the best place to see a film is the Cinépolis VIP complex at the Galerías Diana on the Costera Miguel Alemán. The theater provides reclining seats in the "lazy boy" style, and there is lots of leg room. The theater even has waiters. You can order from a wide menu selection: from sushi and wine to popcorn and 7-Up.

Cinépolis operates four locations in Acapulco.

Galerías Diana
(484 8070 or 484 1511) Costera Miguel Alemán No.1926, Frac. Magallanes, Acapulco

La Gran Plaza
(486 4356) Costera Miguel Alemán No.1632, Esq. Wilfrido Masseiu, Acapulco

Pie de la Cuesta
(482 1881 or 483 2291) Calzada Pie de la Cuesta 239 L90, Col. Hogar Moderno, Acapulco


(403 7600 or 403 7601) Calle Catorce I. 718, S. II, Col. Emiliano Zapata, Acapulco

Cinemark: Oceanic 2000
Cinemark operates one theater in Acapulco. It is in the Oceanic 2000 complex in Costa Azul. (481 1663) Costera Miguel Alemán No.3331, Costa Azul

MM Cinemas also operates a theater in Acapulco, said to be by the "Via Rápida" in the traditional part of town. MMC Acapulco - (486 8250) Diego Hurtado de Mendoza 809, Frac. Hornos, Acapulco.

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