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This website no longer supports the following legacy browsers:

Netscape (all versions), Internet Explorer 6 (or under).

These browsers are not supported as they pose greater security risks and do not conform to the latest technological standards required to properly view this website.

We recommend that you install one of the following:

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. As of August 2010, Firefox was the second most widely used browser, with 22.93% of worldwide usage share of web browsers.
Internet Explorer 8 (commonly abbreviated to IE8) is the latest in a series of graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft and is available as a free update for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later, Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 or later, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008, and is included with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google first released on 2 September 2008. As of August 2010, Chrome was the third most widely used browser, with 7.54% of worldwide usage share of web browsers.
Safari is a web browser developed by Apple and is available as a free download for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It is also included as part of the Mac OS X operating system. As of 2010, Safari is the fourth most widely used browser.
Opera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by Opera Software and is known for originating many features later adopted by other Web browsers. Features include tabbed browsing, page zooming, mouse gestures, and an integrated download manager. Its security features include built-in phishing and malware protection, strong encryption when browsing secure websites, and the ability to easily delete private data such as HTTP cookies.

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